Semi-Instant Electric Water Heater (60 Litres)


 23,000.00  25,000.00

Discover the convenience of our Semi-Instant Electric Water Heater, a powerful solution available in 40, 50, and 60-liter capacities. Designed for efficiency without compromising on space, this water heater offers a faster heat-up time, ensuring a reliable and ample supply of hot water. Choose the perfect size for your needs and elevate your daily routine with the seamless performance of our Semi-Instant Electric Water Heater—a versatile and space-efficient addition to your home.


    Capacity: 60 litres

    Voltage / Hertz: 220v – 50 Hz

    Power Supply: 2000 W

    Rated Water Temperature: 70°C

    Incoloy Heating Element

    Water Tubes With Whirl-flow 2/3

    Heavy Gauge / Zine Coated Tank

    Adjustable Temperature Knob

    Anode Rod Element

    High Density Insulation

    Multifunctional Safety Valve

    Temperature Gauge


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